Are You Ready to Increase Your Cash Flow?

The Card Updating Service from OpenEdge

With Decline Minimizer you can:

  • Automatically update expired and outdated card information daily
  • Receive notifications of cards where customer contact is required, such as cancelled or closed accounts
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your repeat transactions will flow smoothly, providing you uninterrupted revenue

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Benefits of Decline Minimizer

  • Totally Automatic
  • Updates Card Information
  • Decreases Card Declines
  • Increases Cash Flow
  • Improves Customer Relations
  • Reduces Card Processing Fees
  • Improves Staff Productivity

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Decline Minimizer helps merchants, on average, collect $3,800 per month

Lost & Delayed Payments:

When a card declines, it is a lot of work:

Source: PayPros Merchant Survey and OpenEdge Merchant Survey

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