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EZFacility users can take full advantage of the OpenEdge payment integration and even save money on processing fees in the process!

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OpenEdge will meet or beat your current rate or any other published offer you have in hand or you receive a $100 gift card.*

EZFacility and OpenEdge (a division of Global Payments), offer the most secure membership management payments solution available – at no additional cost. Seamlessly integrated into EZFacility, this payments solution eliminates manual reconciliations, reduces human error and keeps credit card information up to date (see Decline Minimizer below).


EMV® is a fraud-reducing technology to help protect you and your customers against losses from the use of counterfeit, lost or stolen credit cards at the point-of-sale. Embedded in the cards is a microprocessor (also called a ‘smart chip’) which interacts with the POS device, ensuring the card is valid and belongs to the user.



OpenEdge and EZFacility are fully able to process EMV/chip transactions as soon as you are. The Ingenico® iPP320 supports contactless, ApplePay, SamsungPay and NFC transactions. Receive a FREE iPP320 device when you sign up for a new merchant account with OpenEdge.


EZFacility Payments Features and Functionality

Payments Made In-Person

Payments Over the Phone

Card on File

Recurring Payments

Decline Minimizer

American Express Opt-Blue

ACH/eCheck Processing

Offering a Rich Suite of Features and Functionality: OpenEdge View

OpenEdge View is a secure, online reporting resource that serves as a central location for all OpenEdge merchants to process and track all types of payments. OpenEdge View offers easy access to location activity and provides transaction data from all your devices and channels.

OpenEdge View can be accessed anywhere at any time with no additional software to install or update. With one single sign-on to a powerful suite of business management applications, OpenEdge View provides:

  • Customer Engagement Suite - giving your business insight into customer demographics, data analytics and competitor statistics. The most robust engagement tool in the industry. Learn more »
  • Centralized Reports
  • Transactions and Batch Management
  • OpenEdge announcements, system status, security and compliance resources
  • Flexibility to customize and run reports from any location and for all your locations

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OpenEdge’s payment processing solution is designed to simplify the payments process. The time you’ll save, by eliminating the end-of-day reconciliation process for example, can add up to as much as 30 minutes a day.

What could YOU do with an extra 30 minutes a day?


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