The world of payment processing can be confusing, especially when you're trying to run a business. That's why InflatableOffice joined forces with OpenEdge to create a fast, efficient, and affordable payment processing solution for your business.

  • One-Step Payment Processing – All transactions are fully integrated with your Inflatable Office Software, eliminating double entry, human error and time consuming reconciliation.
  • Mobile EMV – You can swipe or insert an EMV chip card for payment using the same device with the Walker 2.0 BT. Save money with lower rates through card-present transactions.
  • Card on File – To minimize your risk, OpenEdge will store your cardholder data in their secure Token Vault. Eliminate storing card numbers onsite!
  • Decline Minimizer – On a nightly basis, OpenEdge will automatically update lost, stolen or expired cards stored in their token vault to ensure that you receive more approvals for your recurring payments.
  • Integrated ACH – Process electronic ACH payments directly within InflatableOffice. Standard fees do apply.
  • Process refunds directly from your InflatableOffice software.
  • No monthly gateway fees and no setup fees.
  • FREE OpenEdge account analysis with price guarantee – OpenEdge pricing experts have analyzed thousands of merchant accounts! The analysis will provide you with everything you need to know about your rates and how OpenEdge can save you money. OpenEdge will match your current rates or any other published offer you have in hand or you receive a $50 gift card.*

Think you have good credit card processing rates?

We'll provide a free rate check to see if we can match or beat your current rates at absolutely no cost or obligation to you!

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