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Experience the power of mobile payment processing and take advantage of an industry-leading flexible, secure solution with OpenEdge Mobile: a quick to install mobile offering that makes it easier than ever for you to accept payments and for your customers to check out and pay.

Payment Options

  • EMV credit
  • Magstripe credit
  • Signature debit
  • Partial approvals
  • Decline Minimizer
  • Tip configuration
  • Signature capture
  • Emailed receipts
  • Customized Device Prompt Support such as Disclosures, Confirmations, etc.

Security Features

  • EMV
  • Tokenization
  • Point-to-Point Encryption
  • No local storage of sensitive cardholder data


  • Simple to download mobile app
  • Multiple devices utilize one set of credentials
  • Easy access for transactions, reports and setup options

OpenEdge Mobile is available on these devices

iPhone, iPad

Android Smartphones, Android Tablets

EMV Processing hardware

Walker 2.0™ | Android/iOS

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Non EMV Processing hardware

ID TECH Shuttle

MagTek BulleT
Android only

MagTek iDynamo
iOS only

MagTek uDynamo

How it Works

Demo Video

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