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Integrated Payment Processing

RTO Pro Software features integrated credit card processing powered by XCharge®. This convenient, time-saving solution results in cost savings and a more professional, streamlined operation within your business.

  • Automated, recurring credit card processing with flexible payment plans - Schedule payments in perpetuity or for a fixed schedule with end date
  • Interactive reporting for automated credit card processing allows manual overrides
  • Handles multiple merchant IDs concurrently
  • Eliminate your standalone credit card processing equipment and save front desk space
  • Reduce errors and fraud simultaneously
  • RTO Pro Software does not store credit card numbers locally on your computer, so credit card numbers are theft proof in the event your computer is compromised
  • Eliminate costly dedicated phone lines and use your internet connection for secure processing
  • Speak to a payments specialist by calling (800) 637-8268
  • Or email startnow@openedgepay.com


Your XCharge Specialist would be happy to answer any questions you have about this software. Click on the "Get Started!" button and complete the form and your information will be sent directly to your Specialist. If you’d prefer to contact your Specialist directly, call (800) 637-8268.

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  • Security with PCI/PA-DDS Validation
  • Reduce Error and Increase Fraud Prevention
  • Eliminate Dedicated Phone Lines
  • Secure Processing From Any Computer
  • Efficient One-Step Payment Processing
  • Daily and Monthly Reconciliation Processes Streamlined
  • Quick Authorization
  • Supports all major credit cards        

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