Nexternal is 100% EMV-certified on the Global Payments Integrated Platform

You can now easily accept the most secure transaction types available today — including EMV® chip cards. Nexternal is 100% EMV-certified on the Global Payments Integrated platform and offers easy and secure payments through a variety of devices, including mobile devices such as your iOS tablet. Processing payments through Nexternal ensures you'll always have access to the most advanced payment solutions available — today and in the future.

Global Payments Integrated Saves You Time

Automatic Card Updates


Simplified Payments

Global Payments Integrated’s payment processing solution is designed to simplify the payments process. The time you’ll save, by eliminating the end-of-day reconciliation process for example, can add up to as much as 30 minutes a day.

What could YOU do with an extra 30 minutes a day?

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OpenEdge View Real-Time Reporting

  • Access anywhere, anytime: never any software to install or update
  • Single sign-on to a powerful suite of business management applications
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Centralized Reports
  • Transactions & Batch Management
  • Global Payments Integrated announcements, system status, security and compliance resources
  • Flexibility to customize and run reports from any location and for all your locations

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Payments Security

EdgeShield®: is an advanced, proprietary bundle designed to combat most fraud scenarios and protect your business. Combining encryption, PCI and EMV®, EdgeShield means you’re accepting payments on one of the industry’s most secure platforms.

The Global Payments Integrated EMV Solution

This fraud-reduction technology protects your business as well as your customers from losses due to the use of counterfeit and stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale. EMV smart cards are embedded with a chip that interacts with your EMV-capable point-of-sale device, ensuring the card is authentic and belongs to the user. This chip technology is virtually impossible to duplicate.

E2E Encryption

Global Payments Integrated’s proprietary encryption is designed to render cardholder data unreadable, encrypted at the device. Merchants are unable to view card numbers after the card insert, swipe or hand-key.


EdgeShield includes the PCI ASSURE® program to help you simplify your PCI compliance requirements with online access to security self-assessment questionnaires, network scans, and custom security profiles generated directly from your processing activity.

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